Your advantages in temporary employment

As a temporary employee, you are employed by us with a written and permanent employment contract.

You will receive all social benefits, such as pension, health, nursing care and unemployment insurance.

You have a fixed vacation entitlement with us.

You can demonstrate your experience and skills at well-known companies.

You will gain insight into various company structures with different tasks.

Of course, we will be there to support you during every assignment.

Why should you work with HaLo GmbH?

Are you looking for a challenge or are you looking for a job and are looking forward to varied employment opportunities?

Then contact HaLo GmbH and let’s talk about the advantages of temporary employment, such as working for interesting companies, building up a time account and much more.

HaLo GmbH is a strong and trustworthy personnel service provider.

We bring your needs and those of the customer optimally in line. Your wishes are the focus of our cooperation!

Get in contact with us!